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Concepts of Options and Future:

Trading stock options has been traditionally pursued by individuals who seek a higher- risk, higher-reward method of investment when compared to common stock or fixed-income securities. As such, many methods have been developed over time to help hedge against the risk that is inherent in these investments. This post will explore these methods and attempt to trading stock option courses them understandable for the average Joe investor. Options are like bondsin that they are simply contracts.

As with any trading stock option courses contracts, they can be as simple or as complicated as desired. Fundamentally, options trading stock option courses be split into two broad categories; call options and put options. These two types of options are the exact opposite of each other, similar to trading stock option courses vs sell orders, as we will see. If you were to open up any finance textbook, you would pretty much be faced with the same definition regardless of the book:.

Options are also divided into two broad categories based on when they can be exercised. The first group is called the American option.

What distinguishes American-style options is that they can be exercised on their expiry date, or they can be exercised at any time prior to their expiry date. This is in contrast to the other type of options, called Trading stock option courses options. These can only be exercised on their expiry dates, not before.

For the most part, stock options are only traded on a short-term basis. Typically expiration times include 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, trading stock option courses month expiration dates.

However, not all stocks trade in the same month. When stock options first began circulating, options were assigned to either the January cycle, trading stock option courses February cycle, or trading stock option courses March cycle. These were assigned at random, not due to any underlying factor of the options themselves.

Longer-term option contracts also exist, and may be more suitable for the investor who seeks trading stock option courses use a buy-and-hold investment strategy. These LEAPS typically have expiration dates every January, for the next two years or sometimes three for more popular stocks. Remember my Big Short book review? Cornwall Capital, a company from the book, made extensive use of LEAPs in their investment strategies. However, many other types of stock options exist, and they are usually more complex than vanilla options.

These options, called exotic options, are usually not traded on public exchanges due to their complexity. We will describe a few types of them here before we later describe how we can use them in various hedging strategies. Of particular interest will be barrier options, Asian options, Chooser options, Trading stock option courses options, and Bermuda options. This is perhaps best illustrated by an example. Another type of exotic stock option is the Asian option. Asian options derive their value from an underlying asset, just like any other type of asset.

However, in contrast to trading stock option courses options, the cash value of an Asian option is determined by the average value of the underlying security over the length of the contract. It should be noted that Asian options are always a special case of European options; that is, they are only exercised trading stock option courses their expiry date, and not at any time before.

One issue that analysts have with Asian stock options is how to calculate the average price of the underlying security. There are two methods that have become generally accepted for this. This trading stock option courses is the discrete arithmetic average, where the average price of the security is found using the following formula:. For more quantitative-minded traders, they may compute a continuous arithmetic average. However, it is interesting nonetheless!

A third type of exotic stock option that we will consider here is called the Chooser option. These options have two expiry dates. At the first expiry date, the contract holder must decide whether he wants the option to become a put option or a call option.

Before the second expiry date or on the second expiry date for a European Chooser optionthe contract holder must decide whether they wish to exercise the option or not.

These options give the trader a lot of trading stock option courses in the strategies they can use. A fourth type of option is called a compound option. In short, these options are simply options of options. There are four main types of compound options:. Valuing these compound options can be rather tricky and beyond the scope of trading stock option courses post. The fifth and last type of stock option that will be discussed here is the Bermuda option.

Similar to how Bermuda is located between America and Europe, Bermuda options form a middle ground between American-style stock options and European-style stock options.

These options are exercisable at their expiry date, or on a number of predetermined dates beforehand. For example, a Bermuda option on the Toronto-Dominion Bank might be exercisable on September 1, October 1, or November 1, but not otherwise.

A collar is a strategy where a trader purchases a put while simultaneously writing a call. On the surface, there might not be any intrinsic benefit to doing this, since the call option that you have written limits the upside on your stocks.

However, since you have also purchased put options, you know that there is a limit as to how much money you can lose. This limits your profits, but for many people the peace of mind makes this worthwhile. Vertical spreads are a well-known technique in options trading that are often used when the volatility of the underlying security and thus the option premium are very high.

Simply put, this strategy involves buying one option and selling another option that are identical in all aspects, except they have a different strike price. The next five strategies for trading stock trading stock option courses are vertical spreads, so a brief introduction to the terminology was appropriate. A few other terms that should be defined before continuing are credit spreaddebit spreadand wingspread. These are again all strategies for trading stock options.

A credit spread trading stock option courses a vertical spread where the investor receives money when entering the position, typically from selling stock options.

A debit spread trading stock option courses a vertical spread where the investor must spend money to enter the position, typically by purchasing stock options. Wingspreads are a group of option trading strategies named after flying animals like butterflies and condors because they typically are composed of four options: A bull call spread is a method of trading stock options where you purchase call options on an underlying security, and then write and sell call options on the same security with the same expiration date at a higher strike price.

Bull call spreads are used when the investor expects an increase in the price of the underlying security. An investor buys shares trading stock option courses BNS at this price. A bear put spread is an options strategy where the investor purchases put options on an underlying security, then writes and sells the same amount of put options on the same underlying security at a lower price. Bear put spreads are used when the investor expects a decline in trading stock option courses price of the underlying security.

It is the equivalent of a bull call spread, but with put options. Bear put spreads are a debit spread, meaning an investor has to spend money to enter the position. Now, for an example. This is as expected, since the bear put spread is a debit spread. The butterfly spread is a much more complicated options trading strategy than either the bull call spread or the bear put spread — in fact, some financial mathematicians actually consider it to be a combination trading stock option courses a call spread and a put spread.

The butterfly spread involves four different stock options, but only three different strike prices. The Options Guide an options trading education website describes the call butterfly spread very succinctly as follows: Suppose that now in MarchBell Canada Enterprises ticker: An investor wants to create a 3-month butterfly spread because he believes the price of BCE will remain constant over the next 3 months remember, the maximum return of a butterfly spread occurs when the underlying asset remains around the middle strike price K 2.

Each option has an expiration date in June, so they are each three month options as intended. To summarize, our net position is:. Now, there trading stock option courses three cases. Third, BCE could expire above the upper strike price. Each of the options is out of the money and will all expire without being exercised. Similar to the butterfly spread, the iron condor is an options trading strategy that involves four different contracts. An investor can create an iron condor trading stock option courses creating a call spread and a put spread of equal width, with the same expiration date on the same underlying financial instrument.

Thus, in order to buy an iron condor, trading stock option courses must sell all of the different options. The iron butterfly is very similar to a more conventional butterfly spread, but has one distinct differences: As before, I will provide an example to make this more clear.

He would first write two options: Trading stock option courses, the investor seeks to purchase an out-of-the-money call and an out-of-the-money put on BAM. Since this is greater than zero, clearly the iron butterfly is a credit spread as discussed earlier. The investor realizes the largest gain when BAM. Evidently, there is a tremendous variety of stock options that exist, each with their own unique strategies for trading stock options. From simple American call options to chooser options employed in an iron condor spread, the different complexity in options trading strategies scares away many novice investors.

It is inarguable that stock options are a more complicated investment vehicle that can carry higher risk than traditional equity investments, they certainly can play an important role in the portfolio of more advanced investors. Readers, do you employ any strategies for trading stock options in your portfolio?

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