Tell about option trading in indian market pdf

January 20, at Here is a quick recap of the history of the Indian derivative markets —. May 28, at 9:

Option Strategies 13 chapters 7. I bought Reliance Call at Rs. October 27, at 4:

April 19, at August 14, at 8: When markets crash, the put premiums tend to go up and therefore your futures position is hedged. Everything about Nifty Bank is here — http: Secondly If i buy a call at Rs.

You can sell the option if you choose on the very next day and take home the profit i. Chapters between 6 and 10 are there. December 31, at 8: Since the price went down, I did not sell the stock as i do not want to take more loss. January 21, at 2:

By the way 7th module is complete…you may want to check that. Obviously you would, as this means to say that after 1 month even if the share is trading at 85, you can still get to buy it at Rs. May 29, at 7: Venu even though very clearly knows that the value of the land is much higher in the open market, is forced to sell it at a much lower price to Ajay. Let us start with running through some basic background information.

All my doubts are cleared now regarding the calculation of profit. You are given a right today to buy the same one month later, at say Rs. July 5, at 4:

November 20, at 7: Post a comment Click here to cancel reply. April 5, at 4: