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Al Mansoori, who has served as CEO of Qatar Stock Exchange QSE sinceis frank about the issues facing a stock market that has historically struggled to generate large trading volumes. QSE had 45 companies listed on the exchange and a capitalisation of QR Although Al Mansoori declines to provide figures relating to performance over the last six months because the annual report has stock trading contest qatar 2017 to be published, he says QSE officials have drawn up a list of 12 initiatives to enhance liquidity in the market while challenging economic conditions persist.

These are centred on improving investor relations at companies, broadening access stock trading contest qatar 2017 fund management and expanding the use of modern trading techniques, he says. One particular initiative expected to have a significant, stock trading contest qatar 2017 impact on the bourse is already in place.

In October, QSE introduced margin trading, in which investors borrow money from a broker to purchase stocks, increasing the size of their stock purchase. Regulated margin trading has been permitted in the UAE since and Oman sincebut other Gulf states have been cautious because of the perceived risk that some investors would struggle to repay their loans if the market turned against them.

Stock trading contest qatar 2017 stocks began trading on the emerging markets index in September stock trading contest qatar 2017 the previous month they had climbed 2. For example, in mid-December, the exchange stock trading contest qatar 2017 six consecutive days of strong trading spurred by news of the OPEC deal to cut oil output, and its key index plummeted 39 points on December Growth is expected to slow from 3.

Still, while oil prices stock trading contest qatar 2017 low, Qatar remains under pressure to diversify its economy and boost inward investment. Al Mansoori says QSE, whose companies represent a broad range of sectors, including financial services, telecoms, consumer, industrial and real estate, has a large role stock trading contest qatar 2017 play in driving this economic diversification. However, he admits it stock trading contest qatar 2017 failing to achieve the number of listings he would like to see, principally because a large number of family-owned businesses are unwilling to relinquish control of their firms.

We think this is because of the proliferation of family businesses in Qatar, he says. Although many of these companies are coming up to their third generation of family ownership and are thinking about how to safeguard their assets, such as by tapping the stock market, we also see some nervousness. Yet Al Mansoori says the value family businesses could bring to the stock exchange is substantial and QSE is working to encourage more of them to list.

It has begun staging conferences aimed at family businesses to raise awareness of the benefits of going public, and help them overcome the accompanying legal and regulatory hurdles. However, persuading family businesses to go public is unlikely to be an easy task and conferences may not be enough.

A report by Deloitte in June found that only 40 percent of new-generation family business leaders said they would consider external investors. The 'big four' services firm surveyed almost representatives from family businesses in 19 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa EMEA and found that, while 80 percent said their leadership style would be different from the previous generation, the majority said maintaining business ownership and control within the family was stock trading contest qatar 2017 top priority.

This over-the-counter OTC system — which allows the trading of assets usually brokered by private securities dealers — will enable such businesses to become more visible to prospective investors and test the market. It will also mean that, for the first time, there will be mandatory registration of all closed shareholding businesses in Qatar on a formal company registry. But legislative changes are required to do this, the CEO adds. So we are working with government on amendments to make it mandatory.

Qatar First Bank was the first private company to list on the QSE in six years and the first bank in nine years when it started trading on April 27, QSE is also working with regulators to list real estate investment trusts REITsas real estate is considered a vital component stock trading contest qatar 2017 many investment portfolios in the region. Meanwhile, the Venture Market for SMEs launched in — another initiative intended to increase the size of the market and attract new investors.

Al Mansoori says eight SMEs have submitted applications to date and three are ready to enter the market this year. Over the longer term, QSE hopes to expand into complementary businesses, such as technology indices and market data, to diversify its revenue stream, but Al Mansoori is coy about these plans.

But this is more like a three-year plan. Qatar is not the only Gulf state developing its stock exchange to boost the economy. Is Al Mansoori concerned by growing competition in the region? We have no issues [that would see us falling behind the competition].

As director of the World Federation of Exchanges sinceAl Mansoori knows what he is talking about. The GCC is looking to the rest of the world to drive inward investment and is adopting international best standards in banking and finance to instil greater confidence in investors. Al Mansoori says a longer term goal is to attract more foreign firms to the exchange — at present, all the QSE-listed companies are Qatari. In stock trading contest qatar 2017 aim, and others, he is unlikely to rest on his laurels.

QSE is making steps to encourage family-owned businesses to list on the stock market. Fri 27 Jan Subscribe to our Newsletter. Beat the market volatility with a diversified portfolio 05 Mar Dubai exchange explores options as Indians stop licensing securities abroad 12 Feb Wall Street cheers as Zuma's resignation marks new era for rand 15 Feb Saudi bourse takes more steps to bolster emerging markets case 10 Jan Nasdaq signs deal to modernise Saudi's stock exchange 04 Dec

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