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Drexel is a music manuscript containing works composed by George Frideric Handel. It is a significant primary source of the composer's work, having been copied by one of Handel's frequent copyists, John Christopher Smithpossibly as a presentation copy.

Following traditional library practice, its name is derived from its call number. Drexel dates from John Christopher Smith became Handel's copyist beginning in the years Along with two other manuscript, Terence Best surmises that Drexel was prepared for a patron who was a friend of the composer.

The earliest known owner of Drexel was the composer John Stafford Primarer handel mit optionen wikiwho also was as an antiquarian and collector of manuscripts. He presented it as a gift to Charles Wesleypossibly in The Gift of Mr. Below Wesley's writing is an inscription from the subsequent owner Edward Francis Rimbaultwho wrote:.

In an old list of "Books in ye Closet at Gunnersbury," it is exactly described. The hand-writing is certainly Smith's. Rimbault stated that he believed the manuscript to have been copied for Princess Amelia of Great Britain. Rimbault's findings are occasionally faulty; see Primarer handel mit optionen wiki — for examples of his conclusions that are consider doubtful.

After Rimbault's death inthe manuscript was listed as lot in the auction catalog of his estate the number can be seen in the upper left corner of the initial leaf.

Drexelwho primarer handel mit optionen wiki already amassed a large music library. Upon Drexel's death, he bequeathed his music library to The Lenox Library.

The thematic catalog attests that Drexel was used in editing the critical editions of those works included in the manuscript. Christopher Hogwood consulted the manuscript primarer handel mit optionen wiki working on his book Handel: Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks. In his review of a edition of Handel's harpsichord suites, [9] Terence Best criticized the editor for not including "important" sources, mentioning Drexel as one of those sources.

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Music incipit gives treble voices of whole-note chord notation at opening which probably was meant to be arpeggiated. Crossed-out version of prelude page 26 written with C-1 clef, followed by clean copy with G-2 clef.

At head of page Later version of Overture comp: Drexel does not include Prelude of HWVand the pairing of Prelude and Capriccio might not be the composer's.

A multilateral trading facility MTF is a European regulatory term for a self-regulated financial trading venue. These are alternatives to the primarer handel mit optionen wiki stock exchanges where a market is made in securities, typically using electronic systems.

The concept was introduced within the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive MiFID[1] a European Directive designed to harmonise retail investors protection and allow investment firms to provide services throughout the EU. Article 4 15 of MiFID describes MTF as multilateral system, operated by an investment firm or a market operator, which brings together multiple third-party buying and selling interests in financial instruments — in the system and in accordance with non-discretionary rules — in a way that results in a contract.

The term 'non-discretionary rules' means that the investment firm operating an Primarer handel mit optionen wiki has no discretion as to how interests may interact. Interests are brought together by forming a contract and the execution takes place under the system's rules or by means of the system's protocols or internal operating procedures. The Primarer handel mit optionen wiki can be operated by a market operator or an investment firm whereas the operation of a regulated market is not considered an investment service and is carried out exclusively by market operators that are authorised to do so.

The United States equivalent is an alternative trading system. The rules for operating exchanges varied from country to country, with some exchanges granted exclusivity over certain services for that country's market. Consequently, European share trading tended to be conducted on one specific venue, like the Euronext Paris market for French securities or the LSE for United Kingdom securities. Permission to run any of the three types of service was required from an appropriate regulator, with the existing exchanges registering as regulated markets.

MTFs are a kind of "exchange lite" [2] because they provide similar or competing trading services and have similar structures, like rulebooks and market surveillance departments. Market operators are also arbiters for securities. Companies wishing to list upon a regulated market undergo a listing process and pay fees; this allows the primarer handel mit optionen wiki to ensure that only appropriate securities are available for trading.

This may involve requirements about the number of shares that are available, standards around how the accounts of the company are maintained or strict rules about how news is released to the market.

Whether or not a security has been "admitted to trading on a regulated market" is a key concept within Primarer handel mit optionen wiki, and is fundamental in how the rules apply to trading in the security.

MTFs do not have a standard listing process and cannot change the regulatory status of a security. New entrant MTFs have had a considerable impact on European share-trading. MiFID enabled trading venues to compete with one another. The legacy exchanges largely chose to keep to their existing business models and scope, but new entrant Primarer handel mit optionen wiki have made a significant impact.

Chi-X Europethe largest MTF by volume, [4] is also the largest trading venue in Europe according to some statistics. This is part of a process known as fragmentationwhere liquidity primarer handel mit optionen wiki one security is no-longer concentrated on one exchange but across multiple venues.

This in turn forced traders to make use of more sophisticated trading strategies such as smart order routing. These all made the new venues highly attractive and to take market share. In turn, existing venues primarer handel mit optionen wiki forced to discount heavily, [6] significantly impacting revenues. Although they have forced significant adjustments within the equity trading markets, the MTFs themselves have had limited success.

Most investment banks run an internal crossing system. These systems cross clients' orders against one another, or fill the orders directly off the bank's book.

Nomura said primarer handel mit optionen wiki decision was for "commercial purposes". Goldman Sachs has also announced that it will launch an MTF. The exact regulatory status of broker crossing systems is a matter of debate and controversy.

It is expected to be an area of future regulatory intervention. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Official Journal of the European Union. Primary market Secondary market Third market Fourth market. Common stock Golden share Preferred stock Restricted stock Tracking stock. Authorised capital Issued shares Shares outstanding Treasury stock. Electronic communication network List of stock exchanges Trading hours Multilateral trading facility Over-the-counter.

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