Ls og lr om binre optionercom

Kind code of ref document: Country of ref document: Ref legal event code: DE DED1 de US USB1 en EP EPB1 fr Data processing method to estimate subsurface subsidence and compaction over time. Calculating a displacement field particularly for use in time-lapse seismic surveying.

Method for reflection time shift matching a first and a second set of seismic reflection data. System and method for performing time-lapse monitor surverying using sparse monitor data. Information processing apparatus for numerically analyzing incompressible fluid and method therefor. Seismic data acquisition and source-side derivatives generation and application. Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for generating seismic event time histories.

Sending a seismic trace to surface after a vertical ls og lr om binre optionercom profiling while drilling measurement. Methods and systems for monitoring a target using refraction data acquired with buried sources and buried sensors.

Procede pour identifier des circuits de migration de fluides souterrains a ls og lr om binre optionercom d'imagerie sismique en 3d et 4d. Method for correcting amplitude and phase differences between time-lapse seismic surveys. Method of estimating elastic and compositional parameters from seismic and echo-acoustic data. Method for the determination of local wave heights and acoustic sensor in marine seismic signals.

Method for identifying subsurface fluid migration and drainage pathways in and among oil and gas reservoirs using 3-D and 4-D seismic imaging. Process for seismic imaging measurement and evaluation of three-dimensional subterranean common-impedance objects.

Method and apparatus for detection of sand formations in amplitude-versus-offset seismic surveys. Method for geophysical processing and interpretation using instantaneous phase and its derivatives and their derivatives.

Method and system for horizon interpretation of seismic surveys using surface draping. A1 Designated state s: Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date pct ls og lr om binre optionercom filed before DE Ref legal event code: