How to open trading and cds account for trading in bursa malaysia

Search by Keyword e. Page 1 of What is eStatement and how to access it? Click on the title above to view. Opening of CDS account. The CDS account may be opened by: An individual who has reached the age of eighteen 18 years as of the application date. A corporation within the context of Section 4 of the Companies Act Any corporate body that is incorporated within Malaysia and is by notice, published in the Gazette, declared as a public authority or an instrument or agency of the Government of Malaysia or of any Malaysian State.

A society under any written law relating to co-operative societies. A trustee or trust corporation duly constituted under any written law. Any society registered under the Societies Act Statutory bodies incorporated under an Act of Parliament.

In general, a CDS account can only be opened if the persons are opening it either as a beneficial owner or as an Authorised Nominee. You may approach any of the following stockbroking firms or Authorised Depository Agents for the above. Their contact details are available here. Email address for eStatement.

You have the following options: Key-in your email address directly through the Bursa Malaysia Berhad's website. Please follow the following steps: Keeping the CDS account active.

You may change your personal particulars name, investor type, registered address, etc and also your account particulars correspondence address, account qualifier and telephone number. All you need to do is complete the Application for Updating of Account Particulars form, and hand it over to your stockbroking firm who will then do the rest. The list of the stockbroking firms is available here. Thanks for your interest in investing on Bursa Malaysia.

Opening CDS account without being present. Pursuant to Rule In the event that he is unable to do so, the ADA may be pursuant to Rule 5. The ADA may how to open trading and cds account for trading in bursa malaysia permit the investor to submit the relevant account opening form available at all ADAs and present his documents for verification in front of any of the following people who are also required to witness or certify the supporting documents: Closing a CDS Account.

Reasons for opening a CDS Account. Search how to open trading and cds account for trading in bursa malaysia Full Text e.

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