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A just world, in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity. They last between 7 and 14 days and are dedicated to a specific law topic. Besides legal education, the program contains also cultural and social activities. The Student Trainee Exchange Programme is your chance to work abroad! Traineeships are offered in various European countries and even in the USA with a duration between two weeks and two years.

Do not miss that unique opportunity! Be part of international decision-making. Get your spot and experience real international diplomacy.

Continuous growth, dedication and proximity to our clients determine our success. Meet a law firm which sees your business the way you see it! The financial boutique for attorneys. Attorneys often maintain account relationships with a bank on three levels: However, this does not mean that they have to deal with three different relationship managers at the bank. In addition to our client consultancy expertise, we strive to establish lifelong partnerships with our clients.

Our strategic partnership with ELSA Switzerland is a further step underlining these values and a worthwhile investment in your future career. We want to establish early on the basis for lifelong collaboration.

UBS is happy to offer a special banking package for students UBS Campus which grants you free access to all daily banking services. Contact us from Monday to Friday 8 a. ELSA aims at providing its members a platform to develop their existing skills and acquire new ones, to interact with fellow students and experienced practitioners from different states and legal systems around Europe.

ELSA Switzerland is the only law students' organisation in Switzerland which is present at all 9 law faculties of the country. This unique network enriches your studies through a wide variety of activities at your faculty as well as on national and international level! Die Redner setzten in Ihren Argumenten vorwiegend juristische und fachliche Schwerpunkte und rundeten damit eine politisch aufgeladene Diskussion zur bevorstehenden Initiative ab.

Schliesslich gab es in einem interaktiven Teil eine aktive Beteiligung des Publikums an der Diskussion. Auf dem Bild sind Prof Dr. Das Bild wurde von David Rosenthal aufgenommen. Wir freuen uns auf eine glanzvolle Zusammenarbeit. Kevin Baggenstos Secretary General: Giulio Biaggini Academic Activities: Check it out Be part of international decision-making.

Laura Zehnder Academic Activities. Una Paunovic Secretary General. Liam de Louwere Partnermanager. Over lawyers in Zurich and Geneva provide comprehensive legal services to domestic and international clients in all aspects of business law. UBS Switzerland AG — Lawyers, notaries and fiduciaries The financial boutique for attorneys Attorneys often maintain account relationships with a bank on three levels: Why do we support ELSA?

UpLaw is a not-for-profit online platform that promotes the development and sharing of legal science in Switzerland. Our objective is to give the opportunity for students and young professionals to build a Community and benefit from the publishing in open access of their legal works.

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