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Sometimes I feel that era was a fluke to begin with, since that era looked like TPCi actually put effort into making the game interesting, something that the game didnt see even during the WoTC era. I never enjoyed the game that much to be honest. This forum is to ask questions of judges about the best practices for tournament rulings and for judges to come to agreement on those best practices.

Sacred Heart vs Plea GX. Responses should be from judges who have judged and head judged at Regionals and above. Blogs Competitions Gallery Advanced Search. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. This is the forum for you.

I made alot of good friends and had great memories playing as well. Pokemon Checklists - Update I also think that Genwunnerism and the atrocity that was Generation 5 with the Unova region Pokemon designs had alot to do with the decline of the TCG as well, I remember I attended a Battle Roads a few years ago when me and my friends used to complain about why Game Freak decided to make a Pokemon based on an ice cream cone and a pile forum pokemon trading card game garbage which at that time we felt like they were running out of ideas for the kind of aesthetic Pokemon designs that made the franchise special up until Generation 4 which was when the Pokemon franchise was at it's peak especially in terms of the Anime series when everyone thought Ash Ketchum forum pokemon trading card game finally become a Pokemon Master by winning the Sinnoh League which never happened.

If you have a question about a single card, ask here and we'll try and help. I just checked out some new cards and I have to forum pokemon trading card game it's pretty stupid how basics with over HP and with good abilities at the same time. Come discuss all the latest happenings for the Pokemon TCG world!

If you have a question about a single card, ask here and we'll try and help. The game just hasnt been very competitive since it left WoTC, which has been over a decade now anyway. Do you only need a few cards to finish your Promo Collection?

Post in here to discuss the collectible side of forum pokemon trading card game TCG, including pricing and value questions. Need help making it play better? I very much enjoyed the SP era, as the time of the most difficult games I had to play, with Gardevoir Gallade mirror matches being a close second. The time now is Forum Pokemon Trading Card Game.