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What I am doing is to ride on their analysis and enter our trade. Open the Professional Chart provided by my broker. Identify the short term trend with the MA. Look at the MA, if it is sloping upwards, it is considered uptrend. As long as the low of the next MA is higher than the previous one, it is still considered an uptrend. If you are in an uptrend, you will have to wait for the candle to go below the MA and then form one complete upward candle that is below the MA.

This candle must not touch the MA and it must be one complete one below the MA. You will have to wait for the next candle to cross and close above the MA.

You will enter HIGH at the start of the next candle. With this money management, I am making a good income from trading binary. This strategy works very well and I will recommend you to try it out yourself to see how effective it is. You can try out this strategy to see for yourself how effective it is. Do note that there is a video version of this strategy available in my Binary Option Mastery Course where I will show you exactly how I trade this strategy effectively.

Do note that the income comes from the combination of this trend strategy together with the other 3 strategies in my Binary Option Mastery Course. You can actually see the live account video from the link below. Before I start with this strategy, I just want to inform you that there is a promotion going on at the moment for my Binary Option Mastery Course. Do note that you have to sign up via the link that is provided in the Binary Option Mastery Course website so that I can verify with them in order to give you access to the whole course.

Below are a few trades taken on the 2 February with the binary option strategy. Glad to hear that from you. Do let me know more about the profits you have made. In fact, it will be great if you can share with us more information of those trades that you have taken.

I simply love the 3 strategies that you teach in your course and I especially love to use the KB5 and KB2 as they are very effective. Just want to check with you whether your course is suitable for newbie like me. I do not have any experience in trading binary option so I am pretty worry that I am unable to follow your teaching.

Yes, the strategies that I am using is newbie friendly and you will definitely be able to understand how I trade. Anyway, you can email me whenever you have any problem but so far, I have never heard of any students telling me that they have problem understanding and executing the strategies.

Wow, I got 8 winning trades so far and 1 losing trade only for these 2 days. I had just finished your course 2 days ago and sure enough, I am starting to make profits in trading. Really want to thank you for your course as it has finally end my struggling in trading. Glad to hear this good news from you. I am really very happy for you and I seriously hope to receive more such good news from you again. I am a work from home mom and I am glad to be able to make money from trading binary now after taking your course.

I have more confident in trading binary option now as I have lost a couple of thousand dollars before. I am glad that you like my course. DO not worry, what you are learning are the exact strategies I am using to trade everyday and I am sure that you will start to make profits. This is to show you how confident I am about my strategies as well as how real is my monthly performance report. I understand that there are a lot of lousy courses in the market and therefore I am willing to take the risk off you by offering such a refund policy.

Why Trade Binary Option. From my years of trading forex and binary option, I find that binary option is in fact the best way for anyone to scalp the currency market. With binary option, we can enter and exit a trade within 2 or 5 minutes and we can make a profit whenever the price is 0. We do not have to worry about the price hitting our stop loss at all as there is no need to set any stop loss in binary trading.

Some people thought that binary option is very risky and you are totally wrong. The amount of money you lose is the amount you bet and you do not have to worry about slippage like what happen in forex. Therefore binary option is in fact a very controlled risk way of trading as there is no leverage at all. Below is a video I have recorded to show you the difference between scalping on forex vs on binary.

In the end, the forex trade ended up as a losing trade while the binary trade ended up as a winning trade. However Binary Option is to me the easiest way anyone can make extra income online.

You just have to tell whether a stocks price or commodities or currencies is going to move up or down for the next 1 or 5 minutes and you will make a profit if you are right.

I understand that some of you have never done any sort of trading before and are worried that you may not be able to understand this course. I can assure you that binary option is so simple that anyone without any trading experience can make money from it after this course. For those of you who are new to binary option trading, let me show you a short 5 minutes video so that you can see how easy you can make money online. Even if you do not purchase this course from me today, I do not want you to miss this making money opportunity.

Please spend 5 minutes to see this video as you will be able to see how real people make consecutive hundred of dollars in trading binary option. Not many people are going to let you see their own trading account as most of them are not real trader. Therefore I have recorded a video to show you guys my own binary option account and you can see how much I have and I also did a live trade in the video.

For the latest account balance, you can take a look at my monthly performance report on my blog. This is another trade live that was captured using my iphone and you can see from the 2 videos how much I have made between that period of time. I do have a mix of winning and losing trades but it is just that I have more winning than losing trades. This is one important techniques that you must learn if you want to be profitable in binary option trading every single month. Due to the low risk reward for binary option trading, this technique is extremely important as it allows you to recoup back your previous loss so that you can stay profitable through the day.

First of all, Let me introduce myself. I have been a full time trader since and earning consistent profits month after month since regardless of market conditions. However I didn't miraculously start off as a great trader. After graduating from the university, I started working as a process engineer in a Semiconductor company. I then started forex trading in hoping to be able to quit my day job as an engineer to live the lifestyle that I desired.

I then started getting into several forex courses and decided to trade live with my hard earned money which I saved over several years of working. As I am a person who perseveres in what I believe in and I decided to study the market in more detail.

In just one short year, I managed to formulate my first money making strategy and slowly, I started to formulate other strategies to increase my trading income which really allows me to quit my day job and become a full time trader at home. Today the income that I am from trading allows me to live the lifestyle that I desire and most importantly allows me to provide the best for my family.

I am able to bring them for vacation thrice a year I can provide them with the best with my trading income. I am also author of several mathematics assessment books that are available in the major bookstores in my country.

Below is a media interview with me for my Mathematics book business. Like I said, I am not those marketers who are posing as a real trader by hiding behind the website.

I dare to show myself and my family here in this blog of mine as I strongly believe in what my course can deliver and therefore have no reason to hide behind my website. I stumble into binary option trading in and immediately I see it as an additional source of income as it can complement my forex trading income. But if I do not withdraw the money from my forex account, then where can I get the money for my family expenses. Therefore I decided to study binary option trading.

With my forex experience, I started to try out several strategies for binary option and slowly fine tune it to make more winning trades than losing trades. This allows me to keep my forex account intact so that I can grow the money in it. Before you decide whether my course is suitable for you or not, you must first take a look at the performance report of my trading. If I can't make profits from trading myself, how on earth you can do so after learning from me.

This is to show you how confident I am about my own formulated strategy. Do note that this strategy has its copyright and therefore anyone caught sharing it will be prosecuted. The above is a comment in one of my YouTube Video from one of my many students. In binary option trading, you do not have to worry about where to place your stop loss and where to place the target profits for each trade.

As long as the price is 1 pip or 1 cent in your favor at the end of 1 minute, you will make a profit.

However the problem with binary option trading lies in the payout percentage. Let me give you an example: In order to make money from binary option , you will need a strategy that has more winning trades than losing trades and this is what Binary Option Mastery can do for you. In this course, you will get 5 modules which consists of 5 binary option strategies that I have formulated and have been using to make consistent income from it.

Below are the contents: This is a strategy that allows you to make money trading the 5 Minutes Binary. In this module, I will show you the exact chart and indicators that you need to trade this strategy. I will also show you the exact setup that you need to take note and I will show you where you should enter a trade to get more winning trades for yourself.

I will also show you several live trades on a live chart showing you how I make money from this strategy. I have nothing to hide as I am a real trader who is making money from trading binary option. Therefore I dare to show you a live chart and tell you where I enter a trade and you can see for yourself whether the strategy works or not.

This is going to be an eye opener for most of you as most courses in the market are created by marketers that do not work at all. It is time for a change and it is time for you to make money in trading. You can start making money from binary trading once you finish watching this video. Every week, I will be posting the performance report of this strategy and you can see it from the link below.

In this module, you will learn another strategy from me that will allow you to make money consistently on trading the 1 minutes binary option. Similar to the above strategy, I will show you the exact indicators that you need for this strategy as well as the exact point you should enter a trade to get a high winning percentage. This strategy is another great addition to the KB5 strategy which can give you more trading opportunity and more winning trades.

Trading binary option is not just about enter a repulsion trade when the price hits the bollinger bands. If you trade in that manner, you will see that you will be wiped out within a short period of time.