Binding columns to gridview in aspnet

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OnInit e ; if! The first way I will present you, is to let the columns be autogenerated by the GridView. The GridView creates a column for each property in our dataobject. The second way to create the columns allows to explicitly define, which columns should be displayed, how they look and in which order they are displayed. A slight disadvantage that comes with this, is that designing the GridView the way you want costs time but not that much.

In order to specify the columns we need to set the AutoGeneratedColumns property to false. The third way I will present you, is to use TemplateFields. In a TemplateField you can specify per column, which control should be rendered for which Display-Mode. This is done by several sub-properties of the TemplateField property: Template that is used, if the GridView is in the Display-Mode, or if no template is specyfied for the current mode the GridView. This article focuses on the ItemTemplate. As I've said, a TemplateField gives us more flexibility.

I dont do this since I need to do this step programatically: Some placeholder columns will not have data into the database So how do i know which row to populate data with and which rows not to do it Also,, my gridview is inside the usercontrol and i am trying to bind the gridview with data from the aspx page which renders the usercontrol which has gridview.. So i have to write the function which renders the gridview columns with data on a different page and thus i dont have access to the RowDatabound event there..

This is what I have See below Now my problem is retrieval of the submitted data. THis is what I have I dont have any Bind in my markup..