Best pokemon platinum team without trading options

I have had hundereds of pokemon and he just stood out as a physical special and speed Sweeper. One of my favorites. This thing is a beast! In the Sinnoh anime as a Chimchar he didn't have a great start in life whatsoever especially his time as Paul's Pokemon, the poor little guy was treated by Paul even from his teammates.

When Chimchar lost in a tournament Paul released him still injured but Ash stepped in and took Chimchar as his new Pokemon friend. Ash really did took the time, paitence and understanding for Chimchar, Chimchar worked hard to control his awesome powers as well as his dark side, evoled into Monferno then finally Infernape.

Infernape became Ash's powerhouse and loyal true friend. I would like an Infernape to be my Pokemon friend too. I have a lv infernape that with flame wheel, yes a weaker attack that blast burn flare blitz and close combat wich are my moves, owes cynthias lucaria with earthquak with a i-hit ko so beat that, lucario is stilll amazingly awesome though I have lv on other game with cheat tortera zubat last evolution xray electric dude starapter withough close combat cuse I let it evolve later torterra and I thinkk thats it.

Fairies can kick their butt. I love the Dragon type but to be honest, Fairies can wipe them out. I trained one from level one to level one hundred, it has an amazing move pool and an overall amazing stat range, I think everyone should own one of these amazing Pokemon for themselves.

And when it was released in Gen 4 there was no fairy types- so it become like a GOD. You just can't stop torterra. Even through earlier stages turtwig, Grotel the still lead the pack through gym battles and other challenges.

Torterra has an amazing attack and defense, which proves that he is a force to be messes with. The moves torterra can learn and use are the best moves best pokemon platinum team without trading options, earthquake, synthesis, wood hammer, frenzy plant, and leaf storm. Those are the best grass type and ground type moves around. Another good thing about this is that torterra is the evolved version of a starter, so you get him early on.

Torterra is the best, and definitely better than Lucario. Here's a story one time right after my grotle evolved and learned earthquake my friend challenged me to a 1 vs. I accepted and wanted to see Torterra in action so I sent him out first. Lucario used dig and Torterra used earthquake which beat Lucario in 1 hit with no critical. My first pokemon ever in history who is easiy over looked but is awesome and pwns everything even arceus bows down to him stab earthquake - ilikepie.

Torterra destroys all gyms except best pokemon platinum team without trading options, but ice only has one weakness, which is ice. I understand why it hasnt beat lucario but it should best pokemon platinum team without trading options infernape. I've had my Luxray since it was level 3 and now it's level Such a strong Pokemon, defeated many of my friends teams alone as well as defeating the elite four twice, without any other Pokemon.

Also won all of the Super Contests in the game. Wouldn't trade him for the world, truly the best Pokemon out there. My luxray and torterra were my favorite Pokemon in Pearl. My luxray was amazing.

He could sweep the whole elite four. There hasn't been a strong electric type for a while and Luxray came and filled the position. And getting him early in the game means you can create a bond with it and love it even more. Once you train empoleon with great best pokemon platinum team without trading options and get it to a high level, heck, even if you don't, empoleon is a great fighter.

Becasue it's steel and water gives it great defense. If your looking for a great starter Pokemon, Empoleon all the way! My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Pearl Version. When I saw the 3 starters I instantly fell in love with Piplup. I loved everything about him. I wasn't to keen on Prinplup, but when he got to level 36, I cried with happiness! I was so proud to have a badass water-steel type in my possession. I was so happy that about 7 years later, I got another pearl version, and bred my own special amazing Iv's Empoleon.

Plus, it was the first Pokemon I ever levelled up to My point is that empoleon is best pokemon platinum team without trading options boss and can dominate the champ with one awesome move! What are you talking about?

Splash does the most amount of damage out of all the Pokemon moves - ShinyDragonite. This thing can learn Close Combat! If I recall, most if not all of the other Best pokemon platinum team without trading options on this list can't.

This isn't even a fighting type! A beastly flying type that can learn best pokemon platinum team without trading options fighting type moves as well such as close combat. He is quick, extremely quick in fact. Have him in my team. Staraptor has the best moves for a flying type. It can even learn electric moves! In the anime ash's infernape crushed up paul's electivire and it just looks so weird too. What staraptor,luxray,tortera and empoleon comes before it no way.

Weavile is my favourite Pokemon by far! Weavile not only have a VERY high speed stay, but great attack! So give weavile brick break, his speed will make him go first in a battle, and one shot from brick break should clean house in every battle! Weavile is a real Dragon slayer! Sporting speed greater than Garchomp, learning Ice type moves that get STAB and having fantastic attack, your opponent's Garchomp will quickly go down for the count!

This is my favorite pokemon ever. Life orb, swords dance, icicle crash, night slash, and ice shard or brick break. It can wreck easily mate. One of the best designs I have ever seen. There is just something about some pokemon that makes you fall in love with it just by looking at it. His stats are way above average and he has a very decent move pool. Gallade is better than Lucario, but not by much. Lucario can defeat a foe before they even have a chance to react, but Gallade is effective against more types and has less weaknesses.

Other than that they are basically the same. Gallade is a pokemon featured in sinnoh. Quite awesome as a fighting and psychic. And it has a base stat total ofwhich is pretty damn good. This thing is a beast. It utilizes high special attack and a best pokemon platinum team without trading options movepool to destroy it's opponents.

Charizard is not a Pokemon from sinnoh. I think it has to be the most overrated Pokemon in all of Pokemon history. So overrated, if pikachu is on this list as well, I'm going to puke - Yuanlong. Why are Dragonite and Charizard on the list? They aren't even Sinnoh Pokemon! Dragonite is usually at the top of every top best non legendary pokemon I'm so glad that it's not on this one, for some reason, I just don't like dragonite that much. It's shiny form makes it one of the most epic looking Pokemon of all time.

And it's best pokemon platinum team without trading options good with a choice scarf. Come on, he should be in the top He has excellent typing, looks like a boss and swept half of Ash's team in what was arguably one of the most epic battle sequences the anime has ever done.

What's more is that Drapion has the ability Sniper best pokemon platinum team without trading options if you equip him with a Scope Lens and give him a critical-hit set then I know that Drapion has a job to do This monster definitely deserves top Most underrated Pokemon of the Sinnoh Region, teach it the right moves and you have a juggernaut, especially since it has a badass design.

Though it is an underrated best pokemon platinum team without trading options, this pokemon can best pokemon platinum team without trading options turn team battles. Best pokemon platinum team without trading options cross-poison is really awesome move.

Beaten Torterra and Staraptor but still in no. Abomasnow is a strong pokemon but it is not that fast so the best option to defeat it is to use a quick fire type.

Not a good pokemon if you ask me. Trust me, it's difficult! Being a physic and steel type, bronzong is only weak against 2 types: Ground and Fire, but Bronzong may have the levitate ability making it immune to any ground moves or it will have the ability that will cut any fir damage he takes by half.

This pokemon has great defense AND Sp.

You might also want to keep the starter. As such, suggesting Darkrai is not the best idea. Earthquake he learns by level up as soon as he becomes a Torterra lvl. Crunch gives very important coverage against Lucian, who is the hardest of the E-4, which will prove very useful. Rock-climb is an HM but it can also confuse the target. You get Shinx very early in the game so a Luxray is easy to get.

He has a very limited move pool, however he is still a valuable asset to the team thanks to his huge Attack stat. Crunch is for Lucian. Iron-tail is for some coverage. Strength is HM and neutral coverage. Buizel comes in fast so this will be easy. Ice-beam is easier to get as you do not need to collect shards for a while to get it.

Focus-blast for power, Brick-break for Coverage. He takes a bit longer to get as you do not get him until Iron-island, however; he is very useful. Dragon-pulse is coverage NOTE: I do not expect Lucario to outspeed Garchomp to use this unless you level him up a lot and with EVs or trade a choice-scarf to him. Extreme-speed best pokemon platinum team without trading options good for finishing off things, like Alakazam or if Floatzel does not completely kill Garchomp. He comes in the game very fast.

Flare-blitz is very strong stab. The rest is coverage. This is your main guy for defeating the Ice gym and the Bug E Gengar gets T-bolt Alakazam gets Shock-wave. Both are useful special sweepers that you can catch early in the game. It is up to you. Bibarel and Lopunny are decent options. If you Choose Chimchar as your starter you should replace Rapidash for Roserade.

If you choose Piplup as your starter replace Floatzel for Roserade. This is the team that I am training to Lv. Empoleon is the starter. Ice beam is for grass types and Ground types. Grass knot is just for any heavy poke's that might pop up now and then. Extremely useful for E4 Bertha! Houndoom, as all know, is an totally incredible special sweeper, with nasty plot to make it able to OHKO almost all of E4's Pokemon.

Swift is for just a move slot to be covered. Any move fits well. Ice Beam for Dragon- and Grass-types. Grass Knot is for other Water-types. Stealth Rock is a entry hazard. Aura Sphere is for Rock, Ice and Steel types. Have 90 base power and never miss!

Screw those Double Teammers. Thunder Wave paralyzes the target making more difficult to attack. You need to have Serene Grace to ability so don't make mistakes getting Hustle as ability! Night Slash is for Ghost and other Psychic types. Leaf Blade have 90 base power with high critical hit ratio!

Flamethrower is for Ice-types. Simply perfect with Sniper as ability. Rock Climb is HM. Ice Fang is for Ground-types. He is a slave. I didn't include Roserade because of its stat total You should have a Eeveelution, due to Strength.

I recommend Chimchar as a starter, because that eliminates the need to waste a slot for a fighting type. All 3 starters will work so I will post a list for all 3 of them:. Ok this is my first time answering a question. Hope it goes well! This is the team I'm currently using on Platinum and it's great! Hope you like it:. Empoleon water and steel Moves: Empoleon is an amazing Pokemon in general.

It has a really high stats all round. It will be your surfer and a bit of a HM slave. I highly recommend you choosing Empoleon. Staraptor normal and flying Moves: Staraptor is an over powered Pokemon if trained well. It has an incredibly high attack and speed stat, and its ability to learn Close Combat only sweetens the deal! This Pokemon will be your flyer. Steelix steel and ground Moves: Not everyones first choice. I think Steelix is very underrated.

With an extremely high defense and high attack stat, Best pokemon platinum team without trading options will be able to take hits and deal with the enemy quickly. Gallade fighting and psychic Moves: With a very high attack, speed and special defense stat, Gallade will deliver a powerful hit, and with its typing, it gets rid of fightings' weakness to psychic.

Giratina ghost and dragon Moves: Griseous Orb or Leftovers. Giratina is a powerhouse. Even for those who hate to use legendaries, I highly recommend it. Giratina has an insane HP and incredibly high stats. Roserade grass and poison Moves: Roserade has a high special attack and special defense. Not much is left to say about Roserade except that it's a great Pokemon! I'm going to write another option incase you don't like Roserade or don't like using legendaries Giratina.

Lax Incense or Amulet Coin. My personal preference over Roserade but it's still a great Pokemon! It has a high speed and attack and can take care of foes best pokemon platinum team without trading options. Thanks for reading my answer and please vote for or use my team as it works really well.

You will be able to dominate people with this team. Thunder Punch best pokemon platinum team without trading options the superior option to Rock Slide as it covers more of Infernape's weaknesses Water and Flying as opposed to just Flying.

However, it is very difficult to obtain. If you do not want to take best pokemon platinum team without trading options time to obtain it, Rock Slide is decent, as it still hits Flying types super-effectively. Shadow Claw gives coverage against Psychic types. Next up is a Flying type Pokemon. Starly is very easy to obtain and evolves quickly into the powerful Staraptor, making it my choice.

Close Combat is a fantastic coverage move, providing relevant coverage and having high base power. Fly is an extremely useful HM and can even be used in battle if the extra power of Brave Bird is not needed best pokemon platinum team without trading options avoid recoil. I needed an Ice type Pokemon for Cynthia's Garchomp. Weavile seemed to be the perfect choice, seeing as it is best pokemon platinum team without trading options enough to outspeed, even when low-leveled, and also compresses coverage thanks to its secondary Dark typing.

Dig is a great coverage move, covering several of Weavile's weaknesses. Brick Break, while giving redundant coverage with Dig, is the next best coverage move, being superior to Weavile's other options, which include Iron Tail very poor accuracy, and Weavile cannot afford to take hitsplus Poison Jab and X-Scissor heavily resisted. While a Life Orb is the best option for an item, as Weavile appreciates the boost due to the low base power of its moves, it can only be found much later in the game.

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