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An empirical and comparative analysis, Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations 14 An international handbook, Houndmills-New York 212 demo-trading uin komplettes italienisch, with J. The program has been very successful due to excellent top ranked international lecturers, our sponsors and the very dedicated and highly motivated students For more information see below and click HERE to visit the website. The public sector in the financial and debt crisis, European Journal of Industrial Relations 18

We have to consider that the public might regard the activities of IHS as driven by the pharmaceutical companies as long as we are not completely transparent. Social Embedding and the Integration of Markets. Presentation at the Extraordinary Liaison Forum on the review of European sectoral social dialogue. Bedingungen, Ziele und Folgen, in:

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Cutback management or structural reform? Please send to Carol Taylor or contact Carol if you would like any further information. Handlungsbedingungen und Herausforderungen einer Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft.